Launching this summer exclusively on Amazon Prime Video

Don't worry mates! We haven't abandoned ship as far as our release!

We've got all hands on deck! Next month when we premier, we'll release even more episodes so you can binge watch away!  

Below Deck meets the finalists from American Idol with a very unique musical twist

You won’t want to miss a minute of us sailing off from port.

Follow as they sail from port to port performing for various size crowds from the deck of a 90’ luxury yacht. Watch as the group navigates not only the high seas, but the murky waters of the music business while on the first ever, 14 city Marina Music Tour. Oh yeah, and they’ll be playing from a floating stage.

Yacht Stops is a new series developed by Solaris Entertainment. The cast of bandmates will be setting sail in May, and the show releases exclusively this summer on Amazon Prime!

Sailing off from port, into the adventure of a lifetime…

Getting yourself noticed in the vast ocean of the entertainment industry is a challenge within itself, adding the actual changing tides of the sea makes this even more entertaining!

While at sea, the band members must perform as crew aboard this vessel. This boat is much more than a pleasure craft. All aboard must take on mate responsibilities as part of the charter. Our Captain will assign these duties accordingly. As a result of their duties, the band mates may want to mutiny at some point, but they won’t and despite the implied hardships, these band members will forge a bond not ever possible any other way. They will have each other’s backs when things get rough and will be applauding each other when the job is well done.

At the end of the multi-port tour, the band will emerge as a fan favorite wherever they pull in. The title song of the show is “SuperHuman”. Super-human behavior is what will be required if this band hopes to end the tour as Superstars! You won’t want to miss a minute of us sailing off from port, Covid free into the adventure of a lifetime…

Releasing on Amazon Prime Video May 24